How do I go about commissioning a piece of work?

To commission or re-model a piece of jewellery I always go through the same few steps which start with a consultation. From this I produce a page of designs considering what we have discussed. If you like one I can price it up in your preferred metal. After finding out the price if you decide to go ahead I take a 50% deposit and make a start, most jobs take 8 weeks to complete. See my “Commissioning” section for more details.

Can I use my own gemstones and metal?

You can certainly always use your own gemstones. Regarding metal it depends on what form the metal is in, for example chain doesn’t melt down very well. You can certainly use any metal towards the cost of the commission and in a lot of cases use the actual metal. Please see my section on re-modelling under the heading “Commissioning”.

How long does a commission or re-modelling take?

Please allow a lead time of 8 weeks. When I am busy it can take slightly longer.

Do I have to leave a deposit?

When you decided on a piece and I have priced it up I take a 50% deposit, the other 50% is paid on completion.

How do I pay?

I accept payment by bank transfer.

How much does it cost to commission a piece of jewellery?

How long is a piece of string? Every commission is unique and so is its price. You may have your own gemstones and metal, you may have scrap gold towards the cost or you may be starting from scratch. There is no cost or obligation to have a page of design and for me to price one up so it is easy to find out the cost but unfortunately I can’t give you a ballpark figure.

I don’t live in Liverpool, can I commission a piece remotely?

Certainly you can. We can communicate via email, Instagram, WhatsApp, Zoom; the silver lining of Covid is that we are all rather expert at remote communications!

I have another question you haven’t address here?

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or queries, my email is helen.fordcarder@btinternet.com